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Home Study

Home Study Pack

Adjusted Special Offer Ends On Friday February 28 2014.

(Home Study Pack To Be Delivered To Your Address @ No Extra Cost)



You Will Get The Same Exclusive Lifetime Hold Me By The Hand Mentoring Others Will Get For Participating In The 21-Day Online Trading Challenge!

You Don’t Want to Miss This One;


My Unwavering Promise To Carry You on my Shoulders Until You Start Making Trading Profits!

Yes, I will carry you on my shoulders, and provide you with additional lessons, information and guide until you can stand on your own and start making profits you can keep.

I have never made this kind of promise to anybody before, but because I am so sure of what I am giving you, I will hold you by the hand until you say “Yes! I can now do it all by myself and succeed.” 

The length of time could be one year, two years, as long as it takes for you to succeed, but you have to take action within this month to enjoy this bonus from me-Guaranteed!

Every Week, I upload videos you will use to compare your analysis based on the assignment I give you and what I think about the markets. You will download, watch and make your inference.

You will also have the privilege of getting any new lessons I upload on my discoveries absolutely FREE for one whole year. These are lessons others will have to pay at least N10000 to N25000 for; they will be yours at no charge.

Well, if you miss this opportunity, you can only blame one person; YOU!

Can you bear the pain of realizing you failed to take advantage of the opportunity of creating and building a successful trading career with an experienced trader that has received all the bullets and yet survived it, if you miss this opportunity?

But you have to act fast on this offer to enjoy all of these.

I’m sure you know by now that this offer will no longer be here after February 28.

Think about it for a moment and TAKE ACTION, Right Now! 

To order your copy, just go ahead and pay N17000 into any GTB Branch on;

Account Name: Ifeanyi Uche.

Account Number: 0011644803.

After payment, please email your payment details plus your delivery and email address to ifeanyi@naira4gold.net or text to 08183089637.

(I will need your email address and phone number because I will be sending you assignments every weekend). 

Together, we shall all make it profitably this year.

This is to your outstanding success!

Ifeanyi Uche

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